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Step and Repeat Banner

Our Adjustable Banner frame is portable and ideal for a background display for trade show booths and photo shoots. These stands have telescoping 1.625" diameter poles that extend out, meaning they are adjustable to certain sizes. The printed panel is constructed with pole pockets at the top and bottom Stand also includes travel bag. Read More

Step and Repeat Banner

Was $595.80

Sided : Single Sided
Printing : Full Color Digital Printing
Hardware sets include (Free carry bag)

Get your brand noticed with Step And Repeat Banners

Want to make your brand noticeable at any event? A Step And Repeat Banner is your ideal promotional tool!

Step And Repeat Banner printing is an affordable marketing method that a wide variety of companies make use of. The banners can be used at different events where they always bring a return on investment (ROI).

The Step And Repeat Banner is an unique and attention-grabbing way to highlight your brand’s name or logo. The banner repeats your brand logo or name across the fabric ensuring a raise in your brand awareness.

When used at red carpet events the Step And Repeat Banner is an ideal background display. Important guests will appear in media photographs with your Step And Repeat Banner in the background. Perfect exposure for your brand! To promote your product, service or event, the fabric of your Step And Repeat Banner can be printed with your logo or any other graphics you supply.

Large, Medium or Small?

Move In Media offers Step And Repeat Banners in different sizes. Take advantage of the promotional benefits of a small, medium or large Step And Repeat Banner.

The type of event and available space you can occupy with a Step And Repeat Banner are the two most important factors when choosing a banner’s size.

Our banners come in three sizes: 8 ft W x 8 ft H, 9 ft W x 8 ft H, and 10 ft W x 8 ft H. All banners are digitally printed at a staggering 720 x 720 resolution for a successful and high-quality print.

The larger the Step And Repeat Banner the greater the brand exposure. Larger Step And Repeat Banners can also fit more people to stand in front of it.

Put together several small, medium or large Step And Repeat Banners for greater exposure in photographs taken at different angles.

Step and Repeat Banner
Step and Repeat Banner Hardware

Step and Repeat Banner Fabric

All Move in Media Step And Repeat Banners are made from high-quality fabrics. We guarantee banners that are scratch resistant, washable and that have curl-free edges.

Step And Repeat Banner Features

  • Digitally printed at 720 x 720 resolution
  • Dye-sublimation printing process
  • Scratch resistant
  • Washable
  • Curl-free edge
  • Easy to install and replace graphic

Production Time

Order your Step And Repeat Banner and receive it in only 3 days. For special request orders, Step And Repeat Banners can be ready to ship within 24 hours if prior arranged. Delivery times on larger orders vary dependent on quantity.

Why ‘Step And Repeat’ as a name for the banner?

The name step and repeat comes from printing a logo or name in a place on the banner then repeating the print in multiple other positions. A Step And Repeat Banner’s aim is to promote your brand or company at events and in the photographs taken there.

Red carpet events, sporting events, and other types of events offer the great opportunity for regular people and celebrities to get photographed with your Step And Repeat Banner in the background. The photographs will end up in different media platforms offering your brand or company increased exposure and awareness.

Step And Repeat Banners aren’t only great for red carpet events. They can be a fantastic addition at press conferences, trade shows, charity events and even office parties, proms, bachelorette parties or weddings.

Step And Repeat Banners can also be an incredible way to promote the event itself. The backdrop can be a promotional tool and a fun place for people to get photographed individually or in groups before entering your event.

Move in Media guarantees high-definition Step And Repeat Banners that are A+ rated. You can order your Step And Repeat Banner nationwide with our simple to use online ordering tool.

Our Step And Repeat Banners are made in-house at our very own facility guaranteeing the utmost of care and attention along with fast delivery.

Download Banner Design Templates

If you need a design template for your custom step and repeat banner, check out our design templates below. Or get in touch with our design team and let us create your banner for you.

was $595.80