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Standard Series Pop Up Tent

Our Standard Series Tents are printed using full-color dye sublimation. These easy to assemble systems make great festival tents, outdoor event tents and tent booths. Each tent easily collapses to fit into a deluxe roller-bag, making transportation a breeze. Tent elements can be ordered all together or separately.

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Standard Series Pop Up Tent

Was $1186.20

Size : 10 ft. x 10 ft.
Full Wall
Half Wall
Printing : Full Color Dye Sublimation
Hardware sets include (Free carry bag)

Standard 10x10 Pop Up Tent

Our Standard Pop Up Tents are printed using full-color dye sublimation.

These easy to assemble tents are great for music festivals, golfing events, outdoor trade shows and tent booths.

Each of our standard 10x10 pop up tents collapses into a wheeled bag for easy transportation.

Our Pop Up Tent Features:

  • Full color dye-sublimation graphic.
  • Scratch resistant tent fabric.
  • Weather resistant tent fabric coated in a water proof layer.
  • Our pop up tents include a carrying bag with wheels.
  • All fittings are made from aluminum, making our pop up tents more durable and resistant to wear and tear.
  • 40mm Hex aluminum frame with adjustable legs.

40mm Hex heavy duty anodized aluminum framework, giving you strength and durability.


Check out our Pro-Series Pop Up tents: Pro-Series 10x10 Pop Up Tent, Pro-Series 10x15 Pop Up TentPro-Series 10x20 Pop Up Tent

Move In Media Standard Pop Up 10x10 Tent Basic Kit

Our basic tent kit includes:

  • 40mm HEX Aluminum frame
  • Wheeled / roller carry bag
  • Full color printed canopy
  • Ground spikes
  • Rope

More Details on our Standard 10x10 Pop Up Tents

Custom Pop Up Tents are incredibly easy to assemble shelter tents used for advertising purposes. Made from high-quality aluminum frames that effortlessly expand and collapse into a sturdy tent.

The tent’s high-definition printed canopy can be quickly added on top of the aluminum frame and then raised to the needed height using the extendable legs. The tent’s polyester canopy and walls can be easily attached to create a vibrant tent that’s sure to draw attention.

Move in Media custom pop-up tents are available in pro series 10x10 pop up tents, standard series pop up tents, 10x15 pop up tents and 10x20 pop up tents.

The tent also comes with a practical roller carrying bag (with or without wheels), ropes, ground spikes and optional sandbags can be added as an optional extras.

Custom pop-up tents are a great advertorial addition indoors and outdoors. A wide range of businesses make use of them at specific industry events, fairs, sporting events, festivals, promotional venues and more. Use them to attract customers or supporters to your event by providing a perfectly shaded area.

Move In Media Pop Up Tent Material

Canopy Details

The tent’s canopy is the polyester high-definition printed fabric that is the top part of your tent. It’s easily added to your tent’s frame and raised to the height you need. All Move In Media canopies are weather resistant. 


Every custom Pop Up Tent’s canopy has four peaks or triangular sides. Print your custom marketing graphic using our dye sublimation process and attract attention from miles away.


The valences are rectangular shaped polyester fabric parts that hang down from your tent’s canopy. Use them to show any type of information such as a website name, contact information, or fun message. Move In Media custom Pop Up Tents come with four custom printable valences.

Tent Frame

The custom Pop Up Tent’s frame provides the structure of your tent and determines the tent’s size. Made from high-quality sturdy aluminum, it is easily expandable and collapsible. The frame also comes with extendable legs for height adjustment. All parts can be shortened and folded to fit into the tent’s very own portable carrying bag.

Tent Walls

The tent walls are your largest display tent sections. Made from the highest quality water resistant polyester, tents display any promotional or brand graphic in true high-definition. Make your choice between full walls or half walls on each of the tent’s side depending on your needs. Tents get the attention you need in a heartbeat! (tent walls are available single and double sided)

How to care and maintain your Pop Up Tent:

The tent’s canopy, valences, and walls can be washed with warm water, light soap and a non-abrasive brush or cloth.

While the frame can be cleaned by being wiped with a moist cloth. The canopy can be washed in a washing machine on gentle cycle.

Important, canopies must be air dried and not tumble dried.

Our Pop Up Tents are extremely easy to disassemble – especially due to the frame being built to simply pop up.

Begin by lowering each of the tent frame’s legs to the lowest position. Then remove the canopy, one corner at a time, until it’s completely loose and pull it off the frame. After the canopy is off, the tent frame will be easy to collapse and made compact by folding it. Add it in the deluxe roller-bag along with your canopy, valences, and walls and you’re all set!

It’s ideal that you keep your tent frame and canopy in an environment where it remains moisture free. Important to note, do not store your tent’s canopy on the tent frame in order to prevent damages to the fabric.

Custom Pop Up Tent Uses

Many businesses take advantage of the great marketing qualities of a custom Pop Up Tent both indoors and outdoors. They use it at specific industry events, business events, fairs, outdoor markets, sports events and more.

Here are a few types of businesses / events that have been successfully using Move In Media custom Pop Up Tents:

  • Real estate
  • Golf sponsorship
  • Church functions
  • Food and Drinks Producers
  • Jewelry, Clothing and Artisan Manufacturers and Resellers
  • Music Bands
  • Digital and Tech Companies
  • Medical Companies
  • Sports Organizations and Sports Teams
  • Non-profit organizations
  • Car Companies
  • Catering Businesses
  • And many more!
was $1186.20