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Banner Care

We are very proud of our product and have put together some FAQ

There are many factors associated with banner fading.

The sun

Unfortunately we need the sun and as much good as it does it also does harm. Banners that are in the hotter parts of the country will fade faster than banners in the cooler parts. The sun will cause darker colors to fad faster.

The weather.

Banners that are in regions that get high amounts of rain will cause your banner to fade faster as the constant wet to dry conditions will cause colors to fade.

Location to the ocean

Banners that are located near the ocean will get wet at night if left out side due to moisture in the air and this moister will also contain salt for the ocean. Salt is no good when it comes to helping preserve colors.

Human interaction

We play a part in how our banners will last and if they are treated well you will get many months and years out of them and they will be out there every day working hard to help promote your product, service or event.

Your Hardware

This to in not indestructible and if treated well will last many months and years.

Human error is the most common cause to damaged hardware.

When looking for an area to display your banner make sure it is free and clear of obstructions such as trees, walls and power lines. The banner needs to have the ability to rotate freely in the wind as this takes the pressure off the hardware and will help extend the life of your Flag banner.

Never try and stop the banner from rotating in the wind as this will cause damage.

The ground stake stand when placed in the ground should never ever be hit on the bearing. You should also use a rubber mallet for driving this into the ground. The bearing part of the ground stand should never sit on the ground and should sit at least 3-4 inches off the ground.

It would also be wise to spray the ground stake as well as the cross base stand bearing with WD40 every couple of months as this is an moving part and the more lubricated it is the better it will perform.

Your carbon fiber pole set. It should not be dragged on the floor across walls or slammed in the door. This should also not be used by the staff as a sword when things are slow at the shop.

Some tips to help you look after your Flag banner.

  • Find a suitable area to display it away from objects and hazards so the banner can rotate freely in the wind.
  • If possible bring your banner in every evening when you close so it does not constant go from wet to dry every day due to the moisture in the early morning air.
  • Don’t drag the banner across the parking lot or slam it I the door when taking it in and out each day.
  • If you need to wash your Flag Banner wash it in cold water with no washing detergent and let it air dry DO NOT PUT IT IN THE DRYER.
  • Oil your bearings every couple of months to help keep them lubricated.

We at Move In Media are very proud of our products and offer 6 months on fading and 12 months on hardware. He have banners that have been out there for 6 months and we have banners that have been out there for three years but one thing we can say with pride is that our clients keep coming back for more and more as were help keep their products and services top of mind their seats and venues full of customers day in and day out and that’s why Flag banners are a must for every club, product, venue, event and business out there.