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Custom Table Covers

Custom Table Runners
Custom Table Runners

These Custom Table Runners are a perfect solution to help promote your business, Product or Service and give you that overall...
Fitted Table Covers
Fitted Table Covers

Printed using full color dye-sublimation printing helps to bring this table throw to life. These table throws are cut and sew...
Spandex Table Covers
Spandex Table Covers

Printed using full color dye-sublimation printing helps to bring this table throw to life. These premium quality Table Throws...
Convertible Table Covers
Convertible Table Covers

Convertible table throws are able to convert from 6 to 8ft with the use of Velcro that is sewn onto the throw. These premium ...
Deluxe Table Throws
Deluxe Table Throws

Available in 4ft, 6ft or 8ft options and printed using full color dye-sublimation printing this loose-fitting table cover con...

Branded Table Covers: Promotional Showstopper

Turn an ordinary table into an effective promotional or branding showstopper with a Move In Media Table Throw. Our custom personalized table covers can be printed to your requirements, in full color, and used year-round for all your marketing, promotional and company events.

A table cover provides a very large printable area and there are many ways you can use this space to promote your brand, business, product or service – from a simple, bold table cover with just your company logo (and, possibly, a call to action), to one that communicates several key selling points about your product or service.

You can choose from a variety of table cover styles – from the classic draped table throw to sleek fitted covers – and you can choose from 2-sided, 3-sided and 4-sided table throws, so what you get is a table throw that’s personalized to your requirements.

All our table covers are made from only the highest, fit-for-purpose quality material, being 300-denier polyester or PolyFlex fabric. These fabrics are lightweight, washable, super easy to work with and take up minimal storage space.

You’ll find your Move In Media custom tableclothes are one of the best marketing investments you’ll make – it’s easy to use, cost effective, ready for action, attention grabbing, versatile and long lasting. Our custom branded table covers are great as trade show table covers.

Make your move and order now through our easy online ordering process.

8 reasons why Move In Media Custom Table Covers are tops!

  • Effectiveness factor: Turns a simple table into a promotional or branding hotspot.
  • Loud and clear: Provides a large printable area for bold branding and messaging.
  • Full-color, high definition: We use full color, digital dye sublimation printing for a high-definition result.
  • Very versatile: Can be used for all kinds of promotional activities and events in any space you can fit a table.
  • Great returns: Printed on high-quality material that’s made to last, so it’s a multi-purpose promotional tool that can be used time and time again.
  • No fuss: Lightweight, easy to carry and a cinch to set up – just throw it over a table.
  • Easy maintenance: Made from quality materials that are washable and durable.
  • Easy ordering: Order on our website using our quick 3-step ordering process.

Custom Table Throws

Move In Media offers five table throw styles for you to choose from, these include: deluxe table throws, table runner covers, fitted table covers, spandex table covers and convertible table covers. No matter which style you choose, your table throw can be custom made to your requirements – we offer full-color dye sublimation printing for all our table throws. What’s more, colors are accurately matched to your company logo and brand colors via the Pantone Matching System.

Whether you need a single branded table throw or require a number of event table throws, Move In Media has got you covered. Read more about our selection of table throw styles and keep in mind that each style is also available in different sizes with some styles offering you the option of open or closed backs. Ultimately, you get a table throw that’s perfectly personalized to your needs.

Available in 5 styles:

Deluxe Table Throws

  • The deluxe table throw gives you the option of an open or closed back, so you can get full coverage all the way around the table if you want it. The Move In Media deluxe table throw is available in three different sizes and is made from high-quality polyester fabric.
  • Loose-fitting table cover with an open or closed back
  • Three sizes: 4ft, 6ft and 8ft
  • 6oz 300D polyester fabric, premium quality
  • Double-edged stitching for strength and uniformity
  • Full-color, full-coverage dye sublimation printing
  • Pantone Matching System color match

Table Runner Covers

  • The table runner covers the top and the front of the table only. There’s less fabric than traditional table throws so it is very easy to fold, store, transport and use. The Move In Media table runner is an ideal marketing and promotion tool for the small business and in fact any size business that wants to create a professional look quickly and effortlessly.
  • Covers the top and the front of the table
  • Two sizes: 6ft and 8ft
  • 6oz 300D polyester fabric, premium quality
  • Double-edged stitching for strength and uniformity
  • Full-color, full-coverage dye sublimation printing
  • Pantone Matching System color match

Fitted Table Covers

  • The fitted printed tablecloths are cut and sewn to fit the table. They provide a professional, tailored look and are ideal for displays that will be viewed from all sides. The entire table cover can be printed in full color, giving you a spectacular 360-degree canvas for your branding and marketing message. What’s more, the material has a little stretch so that it does not hold creases, in other words, it always looks as neat as a pin.
  • Four-sided, fitted table cover
  • Three sizes: 4ft, 6ft and 8ft
  • 300D polyester fabric or PolyFlex fabric
  • Crease & wrinkle resistant
  • Full-color, full-coverage dye-sublimation printing
  • Pantone Matching System color match

Spandex Stretch Table Covers

  • Our spandex table covers are printed on an elastic polyester fabric called spandex. This material is very lightweight yet is durable and strong. It’s easy to care for, is washable and dries faster than other fabrics. It’s also crease-resistant and gives your table a unique aerodynamic look.
  • Fitted table cover with an open or closed back
  • Two sizes: 6ft and 8ft
  • Elastic, lightweight spandex fabric
  • Washable, fast-drying and crease resistant
  • Full-color, full-coverage dye sublimation printing
  • Pantone Matching System color match

Convertible Custom Table Covers

  • The convertible table covers can be adjusted for tables from 6 feet to 8 feet in length by means of Velcro tabs. This is especially convenient if you need your table throw to fit tables of different sizes or are unsure of the table sizes available to you. The high-quality 300D polyester fabric gives a luxurious, draped effect and this is amplified by full-coverage color printing. Move In Media not only offers full-color, digital dye sublimation printing, but also matches colors via the Pantone Matching System.
  • One size, adjustable from 6ft to 8ft
  • Full-color, full-coverage printing
  • 300D polyester fabric, premium quality
  • Double-edge stitching for strength and uniformity

More about Branded Table Covers – a bold statement for years to come

Branded table covers are one of our most popular table throws and regularly used to create a branded trade show booth. Printed in full color with your company logo, they’re elegantly simple, but make an impressively bold statement. One of the greatest advantages of the branded table throw is that it is not promotion or date specific and does not, therefore, have a limited lifespan.

Branded table covers can be used across a wide variety of events and activities, year in and year out. They’re washable, easy to care for and easy to store – giving you many good years of usage, with many returns on your investment.

Top 3 benefits of branded table covers:

  • Bold and effective, stands out in any space
  • Builds great brand recognition
  • Stands out when used as trade show table covers
  • Not tied to a specific promotion or date, can be used indefinitely

More about Stretch Table Covers – a modern twist to any table

A sleek, modern take on the table throw, stretch table covers or spandex covers are made from stretchy material that fits snugly over the table. The stretch fabric is pliable yet strong and can fit just about any table of any size and shape. It provides a sleek, neat look – no matter the age or condition of the table you have at your disposal – providing a unique aerodynamic effect that stands out from the traditional draped table throw.

The stretch materials we use for our table throws are very easy to maintain: they’re washable, dry quickly and don’t hold creases. They’re a convenient addition to your marketing arsenal and can be ready for action in no time, always looking smart and ensuring you put your best business foot forward.

Top 3 benefits of stretch table covers:

  • Fits many different table sizes
  • Sleek, neat, modern look – turns a table of any condition into a showpiece
  • Easy to care for – washable, quick drying and crease resistant

There’s a Move In Media Table Throw for every event

Whatever style you choose, you can use your custom table throws / promotional tableclothes for a huge variety of indoor and outdoor events and activities:

  • Fundraisers and charity events
  • Sampling and product giveaways
  • Point-of-sale promotions
  • Sidewalk sales
  • School and club events
  • Markets and fair
  • Sporting events
  • Exhibitions
  • Business expos
  • Demonstrations
  • Presentations
  • Trade shows
  • Awards, prize-giving events and graduations
  • Pop-up stores
  • Birthday parties
  • Book signings
  • Discussion panels
  • And much, much more!

Order now!

Order your Move in Media table throws today via our simple online ordering process. It takes just three basic steps: Select your table throw, load artwork and process order.

Once you have chosen the table throw you want from our wide range of options and selected your sizing, you process the artwork and then proceed to the online checkout.

You can upload your artwork via our website or you can do your own banner design in no time using our Online Design Tool. No time to design? Then let Move In Media do it for you! We don’t process orders until you have approved the artwork.